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This is a public safety issue. A Chinese mom in Vancouver is warning all women to not travel alone. She says there are many WeChat group articles about Asian women, particularly Chinese, being especially targeted for sex-slavery. If you have depression, like Karey Wong was, you are especially vulnerable. Be aware of “rape drugs” used in bars and lounges. 這是一個公共安全問題。溫哥華的中國媽媽警告所有的女人不要一個人旅行。她說,有許多關於亞洲女性,特別是中國人的WeChat小組文章,特別針對性奴隸制。如果你有抑鬱症,你是特別脆弱的。The woman giving this warning met Karey Wong, and this woman's daughter is a former colleague of Karey. 給予這個警告的女士遇見了Karey Wong,這個女人的女兒是Karey的前同事。

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Asian Women


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